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About Us

Beautiful beginnings

K Rose B Cosmetics unknowingly started the day that our company director, Kelly decided to start a beauty group on Facebook. She didn't know back then that she would go on to start her own cosmetics company but the journey began. 

In august 2016, Kelly asked her fellow beauty fanatic and friend Leighanne "do you think we could maybe start a beauty group on Facebook?" And so they did, and The Beautyship was born. 

It was very humble beginnings for their little ship as they spent hours finding ways to gain members and come up with exciting ideas for content to keep their members interested. 

The Beautyship grew with time from 100 to 500, 500 to 5000, and now at over 40,000 members we have a community we can all feel a part of.

K Rose B MUA

After spending every minute she could on the beauty group, Kelly pondered the idea of working in the beauty industry herself, and with a little encouragement from her members, she went on to becoming a working MUA.

As The Beautyship continued to grow, and Kelly grew a better knowledge of the industry, she realised that she had a huge passion for not just the artistry but the tools in the kit too. 

Cosmetics made from love and chatter

Kelly began to study posts within the group, she would read product reviews, and scan through all the wonderful pictures of makeup creations from members. It was then that she realised she wanted to make a brand that had the voice of the group she'd created. The voice of diversity, creativity and expression. She wanted a brand that sought to represent the customer by listening to the customer.

And so she began to research, she drew up on the knowledge and honesty of her members to put together a brand that could be identified with. The diversity of the members of The Beautyship became the inspiration. Kelly wanted a brand to represent not only the shared love of makeup, but to go further and represent the beauty of diversity and individuality. 

And then in December 2017, K Rose B Cosmetics was born. Not with the voice of one beauty lover, but with the voice of thousands.